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Just One of Those NightsPete had spent from sun up to sun down outside in his wheelchair, soaking up all the sun and freedom he could.  It had been ages since he was able to leisurely waste the day.  Except, it wasn't a wasted day, not to him.  Pete had spent nearly all of the last two years trying to keep up the rigors of his educational pursuits within the same time frame as his peers.  Except, he also had two brain surgeries during his senior year in high school.  Following graduation from high school, on time, he started college days later.  He had spent eighteen months straight in school.  All of that was behind him.  Today, it was all about relaxing.  His days of being a teenager were coming to an end.  Little did he know, adulthood was much closer than he ever imagined.
The morning started out with a fishing pole.  Nearby was the aroma from the wild honeysuckle bushes.  That smell always turned Pete into a child, playing with his friends durin
Who's Becky?Steam evaporated as Peter rolled into the bedroom of his hotel room. He had tried, unsuccessfully, to relieve the tension from his body by taking a long, hot, soapy shower. The water, pelting every inch of his body, felt good, but it just wasn’t enough to overcome the stress of being in the city. Suddenly, there was a harsh knock at the door.
“This is Rebecca with the ASPCA. We have reports you have a snake on the loose in your hotel room.”
Peter, naked, draped a towel over his lap as he opened the door. There stood a woman in a white shirt and olive green pants, white sneakers. Her long auburn hair lay partly on her chest and partly on her back.
“Oh, good. It looks like I got here just in time. I’m Rebecca, but you can call me Becky. I see you have your snake out and roaming free. I’m here to make sure your snake gets the special care needed” said Rebecca as she squeezed past Pete’s wheelchair.
“May I see your credentials?” P

AngelaPete and Angela had met online.  Their friendship grew over many months, years.  It was fun getting to know each other.  With her long, blond curls and the spark in her eyes, Pete spent countless hours online, hoping to get to know her better.  In Pete's eyes, she was just about the most beautiful, strong, loving and compassionate woman he had ever met.  All he knew was the more time he spent with her, the more time he wanted to spend with her.
Some people thought Angela could be a bit standoffish, particularly toward men.  That's only because they didn't know her, how strong she has had to be.  It's not easy being as beautiful as Angela; it seemed she was reminded on a daily basis how disgusting men could be.  It was no wonder men had to rise to the occasion and treat her with the respect she deserved if they were ever going to get to know her.  For Pete, he knew right away that it was worth the effort.  Actually, it was no effort at a

There's Always a First for EverythingWhen Shane woke up that morning, he found himself under the covers.  Betty’s arms were wrapped around his waist, her head on his chest.  A severe storm was baring down on the area.  Shane had been with North-Central Kentucky Rural Electric Cooperative for the past 23 years. Widespread power outages were expected.  It was going to be a long night for Shane, but he didn’t worry.  Pete and Betty would be keeping each other company.  Shane was very fond of Pete, and he knew how much Betty and Pete loved each other.  Knowing that they would be together gave Shane a peace of mind, making it much easier for him to do his job.  Betty was in good hands.
As Shane pulled into Pete’s driveway, Betty leaned over to kiss him.
“That should keep you going until you return for me.  In the meantime, I’ll be in that house, alone, with Peter to occupy me.  What shall we do?”
“I’m sure you’ll think of so

Heart BreakerPete always loved visiting Betty and Shane.  It wasn’t every house in the neighborhood that could accommodate his wheelchair, but theirs could.  Sure, it was a coincidence that they had a home complete with universal design accessibility features.  Yet, Betty always thought it was fate.  She and Shane felt it would come in handy someday to already have features built into their home; they just didn’t know that would be the day they moved into the home and meet Pete.  That was six months ago, give or take a few days.  Pete felt as if he had known them his whole life.  That’s why the bond they shared just seemed natural.
It had only been a few days since Betty spent the night with Pete.  While he still felt a little uncertain what happened that night, he knew the relationship between Pete and Betty would never be the same.
“Hey, Pete.  Don’t mind me” said Betty as she left the bathroom, strolled into the liv


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Hey bro, happy turkey day gobble gobble!
Thu Nov 28, 2013, 8:29 AM
Coraline's first tooth popped through today!!!!
Sat Nov 2, 2013, 4:27 PM
Sun Oct 13, 2013, 12:13 PM
Sat Oct 12, 2013, 10:30 AM
Sat Oct 12, 2013, 10:30 AM


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You are awesomesauce k
thanks for the Luv:)
I just can't help myself!
mdtrudell 2 days ago  Hobbyist Photographer
thanks for the:+fav:s
My pleasure; beautiful sceneries :nod:
thank you for all the favs :))
My pleasure.  It's hard to believe you do all those poses with the pole using a self timer. :jawdrop:
haha believe me, it was VERY hard to take good photos XD but in my case it's easier because I'm a beginner and don't know the hard tricks yet
You're very cool.  It's hard for me to take photos with a timer, and I'm not doing tricks like that. :)
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brjohansdottir 3 days ago  Hobbyist Photographer
Thank you for the Fav :)
My pleasure.  I love the intimacy of it.
gurihere 4 days ago  Hobbyist Artist
Herro again :)
Thank you for faving…
Wishing you a Happy and Safe Easter :)
Hi again,
Thanks again for the fave.
Thought that might appeal after your comment on shapes and sizes.
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Thank you for the new favourites, glad you like my photography attempts. It is always nice to get your support :)
Well, my main interest is in self photography; it's the photos I prefer to take.  I like scenery too. :nod:
Thanks for the fave.
My pleasure.  I like that you feature women of all shapes and sizes. :nod:
I do try, thanks.
My pleasure.  It's beautiful and very cool. :nod:
r-assumpcao Apr 13, 2014  Professional Photographer
Thank you very much for the watch my friend! :D
My pleasure :handshake:  You're really talented.
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